About Us

Who we are

We are a Canadian melee / small diamonds vendor. We sort the diamonds we buy into parcels of color and clarity for sale to the wholesale market. These assortments are desirable and yield our customers better prices - you will achieve some of the fairest prices in the industry.

Our diamond service center

We are pleased to announce our new and unique online melee diamonds service center. Now you can order any quantity you wish (there is no minimum order requirements) of our top-quality melee stones, quickly and easily. Just login, place your order, and we conveniently we deliver all varieties of melee diamonds, from 0.0025 carats to 0.29 carats. We’ll send you exactly what you need, with all diamonds perfectly size-calibrated, destined to beautify and enhance your jewelry, and guaranteed to satisfy your most exacting clients.

Our strategy and vision

Our constant desire to satisfy our clientele led us to create an easy-to-use melee diamond service, which provides for our customers precisely what they need, as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Our user friendly website notifies us immediately once your order is placed. You can conveniently order from your office computer, tablet or smartphone. Our commitment to providing the utmost in customer service allows you to receive the same personal touch and attention as did the "family jewelers" of old.

Contact Us

For any question, comment, or queries please use our Contact Us page.